I've never had more fun cursing on set than during this new SodaStream commercial. Normally, auditions and commercial shoots are kept PG-13, but since this one was going to be censored anyway (watch the video to get the gag), they told us all to let our cursing colors fly! 

Those reindeer antlers are on point. ;) 

Authorbaily hopkins

This project was so exciting to be a part of, and really hard to keep on the down-low, but it's finally airing! I was honored to be cast in a commercial with Steph Curry for CoachUp, a company that helps coaches and sports mentors find players and teams. 

Can you imagine being directed to correct Curry on his form? As the 'angry new mom' in this commercial, Curry didn't even know I was one of the cast. The first time I delivered my line "Full extension on those arms!" he looked at me and cracked up! Yeah, trust me, I couldn't believe it either ;). 

Here's a link to CoachUp's official write up!

Everyone has those friends in the industry who, when they ask you to be a part of their next project, you move everything around in your schedule to make it happen. This is one of those productions.

It's a rare opportunity when the director/cinematographer/creator allows his actors the freedom to explore some of the most vulnerable moments together to create something purely organic, emotionally raw, and playfully spontaneous. And this is the case on my current project with the insanely talented Marlon Torres (www.torresstudios.com), and the wonderful acting partner Pablo Soriano. What started out as a 20 page script is quickly morphing into something much bigger than that, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here! We've had a few weekends of shooting and many more to come. I'll keep you updated as it progresses.

Until then, enjoy a few screenshots from the dailies!