So August was full of “Pete’s All-Stars”, September was for a short independent called “Freed Pig” and this month so far has been jam-packed as well.

I booked and shot my first national commercial in which I do something very odd. I can’t talk about it, but if/when it airs sometime in November, you better believe I’ll have it posted. heh.

I also had the honor and pleasure of working on a short film called “Pinball Donut Girl” (check out the website here) that shot for three days here in San Francisco and over in Alameda. It’s a fun film about love, pinball and donuts and it’s actually based loosely on a true story. Mutiny Cafe and Pirate Cat Radio were nice enough to let us use their space (as well as the Pacific Pinball Museum).

Fun fact? One of the financial backers for the film was the Mythbusters (and the film managed to raise a lot of funding before shooting!). Working alongside actors Brian Patterson, Scott Mathison, and Jane Wiedlin (of Go-Go’s fame) and with writer Anna Newman and director Don Starnes was such a thrill. I can’t wait to see the edit (and to see if you can tell the difference between me and my stunt double. Yes, I needed one for all the difficult pinball moves!)

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