Violin Portrait Shoot

Photographer: Nicholas Lea Bruno

Heart Strings

Director: Marlon Torres|  Cast: Baily Hopkins, Pablo Soriano

GetAround Commercial (2013)

Web and App  |  GetAround Website

Zendesk, eMusic, Dolphin (2012)

Stills from productions in 2012  |  Zendesk Campaign  |  eMusic Commercial  Dolphin Video

Picture 2.png

Business Affairs: Tomas & Jackie (2012)

Six Finger Films  |  Director: Maria Mealla  |  Cast: Baily Hopkins, John Moeslein

SmartWare (2012)

Director: Daren Rabinovitch  |  Cast: Baily Hopkins, Bettina Devin, Candice Holdorf

Pinball Donut Girl (2011)

Director: Don Starnes  |  Cast: Baily Hopkins, Scott Mathison, Brian Patterson  |  IMDB Link

Pete's All Stars (2011)

Director: Mike French 

Music Video: The Day (2011)

Director: Derek Huang  |  Cast: Baily Hopkins, Aaron Collins  | Watch Video Here

The Master (2011)

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson  |  Behind-The-Scenes  | IMDB Link

Real Weather Girls (2010)

Reality iPhone App  |  Sf Unscripted

The Situation (2010)

Director: Chris Del Sordo, Blue Door Films

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Apple, Tree (2010)